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 We are FSGroup located in Germany.

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Balance in business is based on investments to increase business sustainability. You should think about the sustainability of profits rather than profitability right away.

Good people

To be with a good person is to succeed together. Business is like football. We must try to be happy together.

Stable system

FS Group has a system for the development of bigger business with stable investment amount.

About our Group

We are gathered for greater success.
Each one’s own connections and abilities can achieve greater success.
The group exerts more power than alone.
We were able to do big business by working as a group.


The success of a business lies in analysis and marketing.


We cover this type off cases

You need our group in these situations.

Lack of marketing

We have a partnership with a large marketing company and can give advice for marketing.

Lack of expertise

I think expertise in business is experience.
We have experiences of successful business.
We give the right direction.

Concept Organization Failure

Even if you sell the same thing, you can sell it at a higher value, depending on your concept. It leads to your company’s strengths and weaknesses concept.

Company Management System Failure

If you do more than others but can’t be profitable, you need to make an accurate analysis through tax accounting.

Lack of network

The biggest advantage of the group is that it can form a larger network. Our network can be used where you need it.

Customer Satisfaction Failure

Without customers, business can’t be done. To satisfy our customers, we can provide good service at an affordable price. But that’s not easy. This requires a thorough analysis.

Our group

Sports Agency & Academy

We supported overall operations and marketing and are now the company managing the Korean youth team players.

Media & Marketing

We have been supporting video production, celebrity promotion, and YouTube since January 2020.

Service & Business

We analyzed the company as a whole to realize customer satisfaction, and obtained new SME orders by marketing with a new concept.

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Tönisstrasse 6 40599 Düsseldorf